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CSK Kalari

CSK Kalari is a traditional Thekken Style Kalarippayattu institution established 1952 By C. F Skariya Gurukkal and two of his partners late Chako and Kunjunju. CSK Kalari is currently run by Gurukkal George Joseph and Gurukkal KP Suresh, who have been the best students of Scariya Gurukkal. Gurukkal George Joseph and Gurukkal KP Suresh have been practicing and teaching Kalaripayattu and Kalari Chikilsa for more than 30 years. CSK Kalari has trained a large number of students which includes foreigners.

" More than 60 years of practicing and teaching the art form
" 10 branches spread across Kerala and Karnataka.
" 16 Government certified Instructors
" 500+ students
" Strong representation in the Kalaripayattu association

We offer:
1. Kalaripayattu classes
2. Kalari Chikilsa
3. Stage Shows
4. Choreography for dance
5. Action Choreography
6. Workshops on Kalaripayattu