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Kalaripayattu for Children
This is a fantastic method of teaching a child discipline and self control. Kicks and Punches are used for motivation, not for aggression. Kalaripayattu is the perfect activity for kids. The exercise will keep them in shape and the positive attitude will keep them happy. The respect, courtesy, and self-confidence will give them an advantage in school, relationships, also on their outlook on life.

Benefits of Kalaripayattu
The following benefits are experienced over a period of time of training:
. A better working mind and body
. Increases flexibility, stamina
. A sharper, more focused mind
. A stronger sense of self confidence
. More self discipline
. The ability to physically defend yourself
. Stress relief through breathing exercises and meditation
. Overall sense of well being

Kalaripayattu for Men
Kalaripayattu is considered to be the most complete form of all martial art because of it's:

. Excellent system of physical training.
. Effective self defense techniques - both armed and unarmed.
. Pressure points (Marma) based fighting system and treatment using the principles of Ayurveda.
. Complete guidance to attain flexibility, stamina, physical and mental strength required to practice this martial art.
. Stress relief through breathing exercises and meditation.
. Overall sense of well being.

Self Defence Training Exclusively for Women - With a Lady Instructor

In today's diverse society, violence is a dominant issue on the social front, especially for women. Hence every women should learn some sort of self defense to protect herself.

Through this exclusive self defense training program for women we will teach Southern style Kalaripayattu which is known for its simple & practical techniques which are based on pressure points (Marmas).

"No nation can become great if their womenfolk are not respected or not in the fore front of development as the power they have to change the nation is many folds higher than their men folk."

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